The Shootists of the Occident Proudly Present:

'The History of Tombstone'

Step back to 1880s WILD Tombstone with this historical live theatrical production.
We take you back through the Native Americans, the Mexican-American War,
the influence of the Military, the silver discovery and the violence & debauchery of the Boom years!

25 minutes, five actors and a whole lotta bullets!!! Fun & educational for all ages!

"The History of Tombstone" is presented three times a day:

Performed at the Occidental Theater
521 E. Allen Street Box 602
Tombstone, Arizona

"A fun, fast & furious Old West adventure! Like getting in a time machine.
It's very up-close and intimate so it really made me feel like I was in the moment."

--TripAdvisor Review

Tombstone, Arizona